KOTH-B Details and Rules

King of the Hill-billy…

All you do is pick a winner of each NFL week.  No spreads involved.  If your team wins, your entry moves on to the next week.  If your team loses or ties, you have lost your entry and are out of the running.  There is no limit to the amount of entries you can purchase.  Differing from most “Last Man Standing/King of the HIll” leagues, you ARE able to pick the same team more than once.

As the season progresses and folks lose their picks, the last person remaining with an active entry, wins!  If there are multiple entries at the end of the season (Super Bowl), the pot is split.  As an added note, at any given time, all active entrants may agree to forfeit the remainder of the season and split the pot.

10% of buy-ins will go towards a Charity and administration costs.  The rest goes to your pocket(s).

Website:  Each week, the website will be updated with the most up to date entry count and the pick count for each week of games (by noon on Sundays).  From the website, you can also submit your weekly pick(s) and follow links to NFL odds, injury reports and scores to the games.

Rules (no exceptions)…

  • No refunds for any reason.
  • All picks must be in by noon on Saturday.  If you fail to submit your pick(s) by noon, your pick will default to the under dog of the Monday Night game.
  • Should you choose to pick a team from a Thursday Night game, your pick must be in by noon on Wednesday.  Saturday games, by noon on Friday.
  • Your team MUST win to move on to the next week.  A loss or tie, and you lose your entry.
  • Keep track of the amount of picks you have remaining.  If you send me 1 team and have 2+ picks left, the team you have listed first will default as your remaining pick(s).  If you send me 2+ teams, and only have 1 pick remaining, the team(s) you have listed first will default as your pick.
  • I will only accept the first pick submission you send in.  No changing picks after your original submission.
  • In the event that the entire field loses their pick in a NFL week, the week will be expunged, and all entrants will remain “alive” and able to pick the following week.

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